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TAKEHIRO Iwabuchi   


Born 1975 in Iwate, Japan       

Lives and works in Iwate     


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022      "Underflow", Jyunko Museum of Art, Iwate

2021      "in flux / Similar to Yourself", Old Ishii Governor's residence, Iwate

2020      "Translucent Air", implexus art gallery, Iwate

2020      "Drifting", Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo

2019      "Anatajishin ni niteiru", Gallery SaiensuⅠ&Ⅱ, Iwate

2018      "Similar to Yourself", Jyunko Museum of Art, Iwate

2015      "Takehiro Iwabuchi's Painting Exhibition", Yumoto Museum of Art, Iwate

2010      "Borderline", Yumoto Museum of Art, Iwate


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023      ANONYMAT vol.4 under/over MASK, Gallery OUT of PLACE, Nara           

2019      Art Festa Iwate 2018, Iwate Museum of Art, Iwate

2018      2018CAF.N Exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Saitama

2017      2017CAF.N in Kanazawa, 21st Century Museum of contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

2015      The Vision of Contemporary Art North Tohoku Exhibition, Akita Museum of Art

​2008      Sakaide Art Grand Prix, Sakaide Civic Museum of Art, Kagawa


Selected Awards  

2010      Iwate Prefectural Governor Prize at "The 74th Kahoku Art Exhibition"

2009       Iwate Prefecture Fine Art Award

2008       Encouragement Prize at "The 51th Shinshouten" 


2023      ART FAIR TOKYO2023, Tokyo International Forum, from Gallery OUT of PLACE



2009      Master of Education in Art Education, Iwate University, Iwate




岩渕 毅弘

1975      岩手県生まれ、在住



2022      「Underflow」諄子美術館(岩手)

2021      「in flux / あなた自身に似ている」旧石井県令邸(岩手)

2020      「Translucent Air」implexus art gallery(岩手)

2020      「Drifting」アートスペース羅針盤(東京)

2019      「Mirage/あなた自身に似ている」ギャラリー彩園子Ⅰ&Ⅱ(岩手)

2018      「Similar to Yourself」諄子美術館(岩手)

2015      「岩渕毅弘 絵画展」湯本美術展示館(岩手)

2010      「境∞界∞線」湯本美術展示館(岩手)



2023      「ANONYMAT vol.4 under/over MASK」Gallery OUT of PLACE(奈良)

2019      「アートフェスタいわて2018」岩手県立美術館(岩手)

2018      「2018CAF.N展」埼玉県立近代美術館(埼玉)

2017      「2017CAF.N金沢展」金沢21世紀美術館(石川)

2015      「現代美術の展望 北東北展」秋田県立美術館(秋田)

2008      「さかいでArtグランプリ」坂出市民美術館(香川)



2023      「アートフェア東京2023」東京国際フォーラム(Gallery OUT of PLACEより)



2010      第74回河北美術展 岩手県知事賞

2009      平成20年度岩手県美術選奨

2008      第51回新象展 奨励賞

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